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Diamond sewage treatment (off mains drainage)

HiPAF sewage treatment (off mains drainage)

HiPAF holiday and home parks - sewage treatment (off mains drainage)

Industrial wastewater hire and trial

Volute screwpress - product

Volute screwpress - technical

The perfect formula for water management across the life cycle

Quality water treatment engineering enhance system performance, safety and compliance

Water safety, purification of water and secondary disinfection

Water treatment and hygiene for hospitals and care homes

Water treatment and hygiene management for schools and universities

Water treatment solutions for food and beverage manufacturers

Technical Manuals

Diamond sewage treatment (off mains drainage) manual

Diamond sewage treatment (off mains drainage) logbook

Diamond sewage treatment (off mains drainage) logbook additional pages

Kubicek blower user manual

Kubicek blower service manual

Hybrid-SAF - Hybrid 16 operation & maintenance manual

Hybrid-SAF - T1000 operation & maintenance manual

HPC installation manual

HPC operation & maintenance manual

Microscreen operation & maintenance manual

Disc filter operation & maintenance manual

Conical tank operation & maintenance manual

Lamella operation & maintenance manual

Sand filter operation & maintenance manual

Technical Fact Sheets

Hybrid-SAF - Hybrid 16

Hybrid-SAF - T1000

Hybrid-SAF - T300



Disc filter

Conical tank


Sand filter

Air quality guidelines

How the Diamond compact wastewater treatment plant works

Modular HiPAF® has cut costs in the Czech Republic

Yorkshire Water Hybrid-SAF™ solution overcomes challenging site access

Dewatering Screw Press with Spent Press Process for a Distillery

United Utilities transportable off-site build modular Hybrid-SAF™ solution

Ebbsfleet Valley Castle Hill development featuring the Hybrid-SAF™ package wastewater treatment plant

Wessex Water data shows total compliance at Sherborne Water Recycling Centre

Case Studies

Sewage and industrial wasterwater treatment case studies

Training case studies

Water treatment & water hygiene services case studies

Water engineering case studies

Ventilation hygiene & testing case studies