Water treatment for industries we serve

WCS Group provides water treatment, purification of water, Legionella control, environmental hygiene services, waste water treatment, risk assessment, energy and water use efficiency programmes for a broad range of private and public customers and Facility Management firms.

As a water treatment company, our offer is organised according to the industries we serve in order to address unique safety and compliance issues faced by each industry segment. Most customers have continually evolving business KPIs and desired outcomes including the need to secure operational efficiencies and extend asset lifecycle, substantial reductions in energy and water use, hygiene and compliance.

  • Buildings and Institutions | Commercial Buildings | Data Centres | Government | Hotels & Resorts | Housing Associations

  • Chemicals | Ammonia & Fertiliser | Petrochemicals

  • Energy, Oil & Gas

  • Facilities Management

  • Food & Beverage | Beverage | Canning | Dairy | Edible Oil | Grain & Starch | Meat, Poultry and Seafood | Processing | Sugar

  • Healthcare | Hospitals & Healthcare Centres

  • Higher Education | Universities | Colleges | Teaching Institutions


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