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Hydro-X Training

In October 2021, WCS Group acquired Hydro-X Training. Together, we believe we are now the UK's Legionella training courses provider of choice.

Since the acquisition, we have been working hard on integrating the teams and ensuring that our customer's experience is the best it can be. 

So, no matter where you are in the UK, we offer, through Hydro-X Training, a range of on-site and virtual training courses delivered by the new, joint, very experienced team, who will train you quickly and compliantly. All our courses are accredited by City & Guilds and externally validated.

Why are we the UK’s Legionella training courses provider of choice?

With over 35 years of experience in health and safety compliance training, we offer high-quality water hygiene training to new and experienced learners. Our supportive and knowledgeable trainers run a range of City and Guild accredited programmes.

All our courses cover the legislation surrounding legionnaires disease, including ACop L8 awareness training and HTM 04-01. All our trainees leave our courses confident to apply their knowledge and new skills safely.

Our range of training courses will satisfy all your professional and business needs. But if you need a bespoke solution, we can discuss your training requirements today. 

Which Legionella training courses do we offer?

Our Legionella training courses cover various levels, from low-risk Legionella awareness training to high-risk Legionella Responsible Person training. We offer a wide range of virtual, on-site, and open courses, but here are our most popular:

Legionella Responsible Person Training (low-risk)

Suitable for those who may go on to a Legionella Responsible/Deputy Responsible Person or a Legionella Duty holder.

Legionella Responsible Person Training Including Cooling Towers (high-risk)

Suitable for anyone looking to be a Responsible Person whilst working with high-risk cooling towers/systems.

Legionella Operative Training Course (low-risk)

Suitable for anyone who works with hot and cold water systems.

Legionella Awareness Training (low-risk)

Suitable for anyone who is involved in water hygiene systems or who may be exposed to aerosols from water systems.


Why would you need to do a Legionella training course?

Legionella bacteria can cause potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease without human intervention. Anyone in charge of premises must ensure that constructed water systems are correctly maintained and the bacteria controlled to avoid disease breakouts.

Legionella training is essential for any Legionella control management programme. If you are the duty holder or responsible person, Legionella training will enable you to work competently and ensure people's safety.

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