Web-enabled information systems are transforming decision-making and saving money

At WCS Group, we combine decades of experience in water treatment and know-how, with digital asset optimisation and advances in connectivity (Internet of Things) to improve decision-making, operating results and realise new levels of efficiency. We also save customers a lot of money.

Technology is moulded to reduce labour time and travel, increase transparency, deliver higher control standards, and new levels of compliance. Payback periods are predictable.

Water Tretment Monitor

Measurable results for;

  • Advances in connectivity enable linkage of different information systems and equipment (water, fire and security, temperature etc)
  • More data can be intelligently put to work with your employees
  • Visibility of risk can be improved
  • Ageing infrastructure can be monitored for safeguarding
  • Real-time data, trends and analysis can be more accessible and detailed. This often helps justify and make better informed decisions
  • Electronic Log Books can be automatically updated with secure information available 24/7 to you, Duty Holders and approved outsourced specialists
  • Remote water temperature monitoring can enhance compliance, save energy and significantly drive labour efficiency
  • New operating challenges – accurate demand forecasting and running equipment harder for longer, can be planned reducing the likelihood of unplanned shutdowns and breakdowns
  • Technology allows us to do a better job and to make you, your staff and company look good!

Four solutions which can help you

For the Record customer portal

  • Bespoke fit-for-purpose portal created exclusively for WCS customers
  • Works on all devices (mobile, hand-held, Android and iOS)
  • Unlimited access for authorised and Duty Holders (fully programmable)
  • View real-time dashboard (jobs, activity, faults, alerts, alarms)
  • View information held about customer site(s) including plant and equipment
  • View job information (status)
  • View a suite of standardised reports


Easily accessible dashboard and basic information electronic store.

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eLog Book

  • Electronic Log Book solution for specified assets
  • Mobile app for Engineers, data processors and WCS Group Engineers and Risk Assessors for easy log-on
  • Fully configurable intelligence system platform
  • Monitor designated assets, specific parameters on a defined schedule and set thresholds and KPIs


Smart digital information system in line with AcoP L8 and HSE best practice which reduces your carbon footprint.

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Remote water temperature monitoring

  • Super smart remote temperature monitoring system which electronically logs temperature readings and other vital operating and compliance data
  • Fully integrates with and can handle other (non-related) applications
  • Exceeds requirements under HSG 274 Part 2 and ACoP L8
  • 1-1,000+ sites
  • Already in the market and used by operators including Royal Mail, GE Aviation, Cranfield University, Radisson and the NHS.
  • Aides Legionella compliance, food compliance, boiler optimisation, energy control, energy monitoring and critical asset management


Low cost, retro-fitted, solves security and data limitation problems of the past. Low maintenance, predictable pay-back in saved labour time, automates and links to electronic Log Books. Data is fully exportable. System provides new levels of transparency, energy saving opportunities and heightened compliance with the option to link other, non-related connectivity needs at no extra cost.

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  • A ‘smart’ electronical sensor and control unit (“brain”) to help manage water cooling towers, boilers etc
  • Intelligent detection strategies, sensors, hardware and software direct chemical delivery adjustment and dosing
  • Continually monitors system and operating performance
  • Identifies abnormal conditions including corrosion, scale and fouling
  • Reports real-time and consolidated data automatically to the customer portal / dashboards
  • Compares current conditions and operating to the pre-set optimum and your own KPIs
  • Takes appropriate and corrective action
  • Records, reports and communicates continuously
  • Provides expert assistance 24/7


More precise, systematic control of line-processes for more sophisticated, exacting and reliable management of water cooling towers, Legionella control, industrial boiler management, effluent treatment, waste water and disinfection. Saves water. Saves energy. Extends asset life. Maintains high production levels. Reduces labour time and maintenance time. Reduces effluent stream. Keeps systems healthy and in balance. Contributes to sustainable development.

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