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Water technology, equipment and processes are advancing continually. We introduce to sites appropriate technology we rate, is proven and tested by us. We embrace technology that improves water quality, safety and provides tangible operating, energy, financial savings and efficiencies.


  • Pre-treatment (makeup) water
  • Water metering, sub-metering and leak detection
  • Dosing control and chemical management
  • Dewatering and water re-use
  • Asset management
  • Log Book, task and maintenance recording
  • Remote monitoring – Legionella, energy, boiler optimisation, air quality
  • Software as a service

Below are just some of the tools we utilise to meet new operating challenges and improve forecasting, reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and unplanned shutdowns, reduce insurance costs, water / chemical / energy usage.

Closed system monitoring

Closed system monitoring can spot and help reduce corrosion risk for critical systems.


Ultralox40® is a unique formulated, highly effective biocide for potable and process water.


GENOX generators are safe alternatives to ClO2 for primary and secondary disinfection.

Catalytic chlorine dioxide generators

Catalytic chlorine dioxide generators without chemical mixing, handling or storage issues.

Smart automation

Smart automation enables you to maintain full control over the pool ecosystem.

Dynamic separation

Dynamic separation can remove c98% of all 80 micron particles from water powered by water flow alone.

Demineralised water systems

Reliable demineralised water systems provide high purity, non-corrosive, non-hazardous water for industrial and scientific applications.

Water filtration systems

Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems are bespoke and use advanced membrane technology to treat water and remove scale and impurities.

Water sub-metering

Water sub-metering and leak detection software as a service can lower insurance premiums and highlight water distribution problems.

BifiPro® Copper Silver Ionisation

Our Bifipro Copper Silver Ionisation offers a safe and effective alternative, eliminating harmful pathogens from your water while addressing these concerns head-on.