First class engineering support for critical systems and water treatment

WCS Group’s school and university water treatment and hygiene programmes are expressly designed to impact the health, safety, comfort and wellbeing of students, buildings and guests as well as reducing capital running costs. Safe water and indoor air quality all contribute to student health, the campus experience and reputation.

For over 30 years, WCS Group’s technicians and water control and hygiene specialists have been helping dozens of top UK universities, many schools and new-build state-of-the-art academies plan, manage and maintain heating, cooling and air systems helping to deliver;

Higher Education
  • Sustainable solutions with optimal Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Attract students and improve retention through a positive campus experience

  • Reduce deferred maintenance

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Reduce environmental footprint

  • Promote student, employee and faculty safety and sustainability

  • Extend the service life of capital assets (cooling towers, chillers, steam boilers etc)

In the UK, over 800 water engineers and associates provide public and private healthcare facilities all over the UK with independent risk assessments, site surveys, air hygiene risk assessments, innovative steam boiler management solutions, water cooling solutions, legionella control and management, chemical dosing for plant and equipment, remote temperature and data monitoring, log book management and on-going training.

Knowledge bank

UK university

Ambitious University water management plan aims to cut mains-fed water usage by 2%

Water Hygiene Services

Water Hygiene Services

See case studies by relevance for risk assessment, monitoring, and cleaning, flushing and disinfection.