Best water, heating, cooling and hygiene delivering a competitive advantage

WCS Group’s industrial and manufacturing experience focuses on solutions that improve the use of water, reduce energy consumption, improve operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact – safely, reliably and cost effectively with exacting compliance.

We tailor water treatment, hygiene and compliance to individual customer sites, plant, equipment and industry standards including;

Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Aerospace and Defence

  • Automotive and Components

  • Building and Construction

  • Electronic Goods (inc White Goods)

  • Facilities Management

  • Food and Beverage

  • Glass

  • Healthcare

  • Higher and Further Education

  • Minerals and Metallurgy

  • Packaging (inc Paper, Cardboard)

  • Petrochemicals

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Power (Gas, Nuclear, Renewable)

  • Plastics

  • Real Estate

  • Rubber

  • Textiles

  • Transport


  • We improve water quality, reduce water wastage, maximise re-use, improve system and energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact and preserve / extend asset life

  • We improve indoor air quality, ambient temperature operating processes and HVAC systems through water and air hygiene improvements, enhancements and engineering works – making working conditions better and keeping operations safe and compliant

  • Improving production processes – we are able to influence, enhance and add substantial value across pre-treated water, water re-use, heating, cooling and much more

  • Sharing knowledge and ensuring ‘highest standards’ – we work to unique customer operating KPIs but are known for lifting the bar and sharing best practice

  • Training, compliance and continuous improvement – necessary to comply with legislation and best practice guidelines, satisfy HSE and other inspectors

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