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Water and wastewater treatment solutions to boost your bottom line

Producing high-quality products for both mass markets and private customers is a big challenge for automotive and aerospace manufacturers.

With our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of production processes, WCS Group’s water consumption and water treatment technologies and engineering solutions deliver a measurable impact and true ROI in the sector.

Our technical team at WCS Environmental Engineering includes wastewater treatment specialists to ensure the flows recycled into the environment meet full environmental and trade effluent compliance. Whether a new build, asset replacement,or chemical regime, we will identify the optimal whole lifecycle solution for your site, whatever the challenge.

Automotive and Aerospace

Our Services

  • Water engineering - operational improvement
  • Equipment hire and trial fleet
  • Standardised, custom build and full turnkey solutions
  • Chemical supply and management services
  • ACoP L8 Compliance
  • Elog book and asset management
  • Audit, test, monitor, service and maintain
  • Customer training and spare parts
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Customer success stories

A selection of water and wastewater treatment case studies on our Resources page.