Astute risk management, operational control improvements and exacting compliance

WCS Group provides critical system expertise for water, energy, hygiene and air systems to the food and beverage industry. For over 30 years, our people have been using water treatment and innovative systems control, monitoring and improvement processes to help manufacturers, processors and retailers operate more efficiently, safely and with exacting compliance.

As a result of our experience, WCS Group understands the most important industry challenges you face as a food and beverage processor and producer.

Some of the key performance metrics WCS Group addresses include:

Food & Beverage
  • Water usage, re-use and effluent management

  • Energy usage

  • Asset life

  • Risk management

  • Statutory compliance

  • Technology-enabled testing, monitoring and logging

  • Labour costs

In the UK, over 500 water engineers and associates provide customers with bespoke water treatment hygiene and Legionella control using proven solutions bespoke to each site/plant. Services include Standard or Advanced Services, Automated Remote Monitoring, Engineering Works, Integrated Water Management (water recovery, re-use and recycling), Legionella Control for Everyone Training and bespoke on-site training for ACoP L8 compliance.

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Legionella Control Training

Legionella Control Training

C&G & Highfield Ofqual, Hot/Cold Water Systems and Cooling Towers. Courses all over the UK or courses on your site.