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Spa and swimming pool water testing, water microbiology, swimming pool chemistry, water treatment, hygiene and infection control.


Essential equipment support for chemical dosing and supply, water purification, water and energy usage, backwashing and help maintaining water quality.


On and off site accredited courses for Legionella awareness, pool and spa water chemistry, leisure centre maintenance and best practice, including plant and asset management maintenance top tips.

Swimming pools and spas represent unique operating and human health risks, also becoming contaminated by sweat, urine, faeces, hair, skin and oil. Active management prevents dirt build-up, the flourishing of microbes and renders organic matter inactive.

WCS Group and the water division manage over 33% of all commercial swimming pools and spas in the UK.

By maintaining excellent water quality, focussing on pool lifecycle management, asset management and hygiene, operators can ensure reduced water loss, lower energy operating usage, reduced risk to human health and a better visitor experience.

We provide support for:

  • Local authorities
  • Health clubs
  • Schools and universities with pools
  • Hospitals with pool and spa facilities
  • Swimming pools and leisure centres
  • Hotels
  • Tourist attractions

Water management

Hospitality and leisure overview, insights, services, case studies, top tips and more.

Swimming pool water quality parameters

Good water chemistry, control and management utilising the tailored tools, processes and equipment can help operators manage water usage, heating and energy consumption, air quality and the visitor experience whilst optimising fixed and variable operating costs.



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