Water Hygiene

Water hygiene company protecting occupational health and delivery of safe, ‘pure’ water

WCS Group is the UK No.1 water treatment and hygiene specialist providing the very highest standards in water hygiene and compliance with ACoP L8, HSG 274 Parts 1,2&3. Good water hygiene is about guarding against Legionnaires’ disease in water, spray and air systems, controlling bacteria and maintaining safe HVAC operation at peak operational performance with no risk to health or wellbeing.


  • If water is stored or re-circulated as part of your system
  • If water temperature is between 20-45℃ in all or part of your system
  • If there are deposits (eg rust, sludge, scale, organic matter) present which could encourage bacteria growth
  • If water droplets are produced on site (via wash / spray / showers / cooling towers etc)
  • If you pre-treat water drawn from bore-holes or if there are potential sources of contaminated water on-site
  • If primary or secondary disinfection is required to protect water safety and improve water quality for potable and or process water

We work with Site and Contract Managers, Estate Managers, HSE, Quality and Environmental Officers and A/C Engineers to maintain exacting health compliance and wellbeing for employees, visitors and the wider community – without compromise.

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Water Hygiene

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Water Hygiene case studies

See case studies by relevance for;

  • Risk Assessment
  • Monitoring
  • Cleaning, Flushing, Disinfection


Water Hygiene case studies


Our technical, monitoring, training and compliance teams provide the essential support you need:

Legionella Risk Assessment >

Formal (independent) assessment of on-site assets, water storage system condition, system hygiene, temperature checks, Legionella control measures, photographic register of assets, schematic to show inter-relationship of equipment and risks, recommended actions, ACoP L8 risks and how to fully comply and remain safe.

Legionella Risk Assessment Updates >

Required every two years or earlier if there are changes to the water system or if Legionella is detected. Ask for an Update or Log Book check.

Monitoring Services >

Outsourced (human) and / or tech-enabled Remote Monitoring of temperatures, Calorifier Checks, Tank Inspections and Microbiological Testing is offered under Service Agreements for total hygiene management and peace of mind.

Water Tank Cleaning, System Flushing and Disinfectant >

Keeping cold water tanks, pipes, filters, shower heads, commercial spray points clean and free from nutrients, scale, corrosion and bacteria is vital to control Legionella risk. Our teams perform cleans to ensure you comply with HSG274, ACoP L8 and COSHH regulations.

Microbiological Monitoring Services >

We routinely carry out biological monitoring programmes, Legionella testing, Total Viable Count (TVC) and potable water testing and can train and supply testing products.

Water Heater Plant Inspections >

We regularly inspect hot water plant and domestic hot water services to guard against sediment and bacteria growth, potential for contamination and Legionella risk.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve Testing and Services >

TMV’s are utilised to control scalding risks to vulnerable people. HSG274 (Part 2) requires TMV’s to be services and tested annually to ensure they are clean and in good working order

Water Hygiene Training Courses >

Multiple courses (technical, non-technical, starter, refresher) courses are available for site operators and management all over the UK.

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