A legionnaires risk assessment is a formal assessment of on-site assets, water storage system condition, system hygiene, temperature checks, legionella control measures and much more.

Good risk assessments contain a photographic register of assets, schematics to show the inter-relationships of equipment and risks, recommended actions, ACoP L8 risks and how to fully comply and remain safe.

What is covered:

  • Key duty holder and responsible person(s) identified
  • Executive summary (including red flag priorities)
  • Scope of Assessment and site description
  • Review of System Control
  • Management programme risk calculation
  • Asset register
  • Evaluation of Risk factors
  • Recommendations for appropriate control measures (clear actions for High, Medium and Low risks)
  • Photographs and notes (assets, equipment, set-up, maintenance)
  • Schematic (inter-relationship of assets and risk)
  • Amendments (date, required changes, effect on control of Legionella)
  • References and abbreviations
  • Next recommended Risk Assessment or conditions to trigger a Review


  • Thorough risk assessment (not a tick box exercise)
  • Tailored to your site, sector, risk profile (not a generic document)
  • Competent assessor (each year our people undertake 4,000+ Assessments or formal Reviews)
  • Peer reviewed by internal auditor (doubly checked)
  • Genuine benchmark of portfolio risk, site risk, operating risk
  • Very clear sign-posting of on-going and justified remedial action needs
  • ACoP L8 complaint
  • Demonstrates duty of care and proper diligence

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