Chlorine dioxide water treatment and chlorine dioxide generator system

WCS Group is a supplier of modern Catalytic Chlorine Dioxide Generators (ClO2IX) and the WRAS-approved Pureox 3500 two-stage ClO2 generator system. These chlorine dioxide generators treat anywhere from 0 to over 4,500m3 per day of purified water meaning there is no application too small or too large.

Beneficial properties of ClO2

Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is becoming increasingly used for purification of water and disinfection in water treatment because it offers significant advantages.

  • Effective over pH range of 2-10 (unlike bromine and chlorine which become less effective as disinfectants as pH rises)
  • High potency at low dosages
  • Residual effectiveness (maintain 0.1 – 0.5 mg/l of ClO2 in a water supply has been shown to be an effective way of controlling waterborne pathogens and microorganisms harmful to human health
  • Effective against biofilms – chlorine dioxide is a readily soluble gas which dissolves in water without forming ionic species. It permeates and penetrates biofilm and is particularly effective in controlling and removing microbiology in water and slime-forming bacteria which can be a concern with cooling towers, heat exchangers, old and aging water distribution systems (hospitals etc)
  • Legionella control
  • Doesn’t produce Tri-Halo-Methanes (THMs) – purification of water containing organic matter often creates disinfection by-products such as THMs. ClO2 acts differently to chlorine disinfectant – it is a pure oxidant. It reacts with odour-causing compounds, breaks down phenols and doesn’t produce THMs.

Did you know?

Chlorine dioxide is an ideal biocide. It is extremely effective at low dosages, has a high residual effect and potency as a water disinfectant and sanitiser of water distribution systems. It is also highly effective against biofilms and microbiology.

The new-generation chlorine dioxide systems solve many of the traditional problems associated with ClO2.

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Chlorine Dioxide Generator Fact Sheet

Discover why modern ClO2IX generators are ideal for the disinfection of water.


  • Beneficial properties of ClO2
  • Convention ClO2 generation issues
  • New ClO2 generator benefits
  • Common applications
  • Which model is best suited?

Chlorine Dioxide Generators



Legionella control and chlorine dioxide production – Catalytic Conversion (ClO2IX) is better

WCS’s proven Catalytic Chlorine Dioxide Generators (ClO2) come in a range of sizes from Mobile to Industrial are offer distinct advantages.

Catalytic Chlorine Dioxide Generators

ClO2IX is a tech-enabled chlorine dioxide system that contains no chlorine, no ozone, has a high conversion rate, uses low concentration levels, produces high purity ClO2, generated on a controlled reaction that is extremely safe, with no storage because it is generated ON DEMAND. 

  • Dispenses 700mb/l low concentration solution without storage
  • Self-monitoring / correcting

Common applications

Water distribution and Re-Use
All commercial and industrial sites where precise microbiological purity point-of-use water disinfection is required. Includes potable and process water. Includes water purification and water re-use.

Process water, especially in food production
Reliable, high purity water that can be recycled and re-used across multiple cycles minimising discharge and drawing of more expensive mains-water.

Rinsing and washing stations
Especially important where no taste, colour or residue is required and where hygiene has to be demonstrably maintained. Production plants wanting to re-use water and minimise drawing of more expensive mains-water.

Greenhouses and Horticulture
ClO2IX does not react with the fertilisers commonly used in commercial greenhouses and horticulture. The ClO2IX process produces a sodium-free product that does not affect pH or reduce chelated iron. ClO2IX is ideal for reuse irrigation water.

Hospitals and care homes
Immuno-compromised patients are more susceptible to waterborne pathogens and bacteria. ClO2 is a widely recognised pathogen control methodology and ClO2IX is an efficient, safe secondary disinfection option (especially relevant for sites with a no acid policy).

Hotels and Leisure
ClO2IX is a favoured disinfectant route for many hotel and leisure site operators because of the reliability of water purity, odour and taste considerations. ClO2IX is also produced on demand, dosed in a weak concentration and continuously available.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants
ClO2 produced by ClO2IX systems is chlorine free, ozone free and will not attack TFC membranes. Cleaning cycles intermittently as the application requires and energy consumption can be reduced greatly by feeding <0.2 mg/l in to the RO feed water either continuously or intermittently as the application requires.

Closed water loops
ClO2IX is ideal for chilled water loops to tackle contaminants and biofouling caused by system leaks, especially in large buildings. ClO2IX is chlorine, corrosion and bromine-free and good for manual or auto dosing. Pace the feed of biocide using low dilution, pure 700 mg/l ClO2IX. You can also shock-dose in to a sump tank. ClO2IX is free of metal ions.

Water tanks (commercial, domestic system, agricultural)
ClO2 is an ideal disinfectant for cold water storage tanks where low pressure may exist and where bacteria harbouring biofilm can thrive. Chlorine in incoming mains water may be insufficient to deal with biofilm. ClO2IX can be an effective disinfectant to assist chlorine in mains water in protecting water safety and preventing biofilm regeneration once a tank is clean.