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Reduce capital risk

Pressure on industrial facilities to meet strict trade effluent standards is mounting, as increasing environmental scrutiny of water companies filters down to their commercial clients.

Breaching consent conditions can result in fines, prosecution or the site being shut down. There are also major reputational risks to not fulfilling environmental obligations. 

Our service:

  • Corrects trade effluent consent level breaches
  • Reduces sludge volumes and associated tankering costs
  • Reduces carbon footprint inc. re-use of treated wastewater on site or for other applications
  • Treats effluent wastewater  with the option to trial recommend equipment and chemicals
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Our flexible service options


Free laboratory test and analysis report

Site sample - laboratory analysis report

We analyse the effluent to determine the most suitable solution for your site effluent complete with a detailed analysis report to assist you in achieving compliance quickly.

Our detailed laboratory report will give you both your current effluent make up, and also the suggested chemical regime to address any current breeches in consent.

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Free laboratory test and analysis report is part of WCSEE chemical and mechanical industrial wastewater treatment service.

Full flow trials

Trial equipment brought to site to prove the technology before investment

Operational trials are a highly efficient way of collecting data generated from real-time treatment of wastewater.

Our full flow trial solutions help you build a case for capital funds and ensure the correct technology is installed whilst keeping your site compliant.  Trials also support meeting sustainability goals, such as reducing carbon footprint and energy use.

Not ready for a capital investment

If you’re not ready to invest in a capital project you can continue on a hire basis for your convenience.



Our flexible mobile wastewater treatment units ensures that sites undergoing emergency reactive work, or planned refurbishment, can remain fully operational and within environmental consent.  

Disposal costs of sludge volumnes

Our wastewater specialists can also advise clients on the optimisation of treatment and discharge processes, to target significant reductions in trade effluent disposal costs of sludge volumes.

Chemical range

Chemical regime optimised for use with our technologies

Our specialists can review both your treatment and production line hygiene chemicals to ensure they meet the requirements of the wastewater treatment plant. We can pinpoint the optimal dosage and method for your unique requirements.

A different suite of chemicals could give better results with less volume and cost. Designing your plant with chemical reduction in mind doesn't just cut costs but also reduces the carbon footprint. By streamlining chemical usage, you can align both your financial goals and environmental responsibilities.

Capital investment

Our customised treatment technologies are based on site specific need

We can customise solutions for re-use of treated wastewater on site or for other applications

Our modular wastewater treatment units are built offsite, easily transportable, can stand alone or operate alongside existing processes.

We also offer installation, commissioning and customer training

Monitoring, service and maintenance

Monitoring effluent technology through engineering site visits is essential to optimising the process maintaining consistent effluent results and provides early warning of potential failures with the effluent treatment plant (ETP) technology.

We also offer spare parts, including pumps, pH systems and tanks

Trial process solutions


Customer success stories

Wastewater treatment case studies and contract wins.

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