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Reduce capital risk - trial before investment

Pressure on facilities to meet strict wastewater effluent standards is mounting, as increasing environmental scrutiny of water companies filters down to their commercial clients.

Breaching consent conditions can result in fines, prosecution or the site being shut down. There are also major reputational risks to not fulfilling environmental obligations. 

Operational full flow trials are a highly efficient way of collecting data generated from real-time treatment of wastewater. Our trial solutions help you build a case for capital funds and ensure the correct technology is installed whilst keeping your site compliant.  

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How does a wastewater treatment trial work?

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Define the challenge

We help you identify the issue you are facing with your industrial wastewater, whether it's the high cost of water authority charges or the hefty carbon footprint and financial cost of disposing of wastewater in tankers.

Share the details - lab analysis

Let our laboratory know the amount of waste you produce daily, weekly or monthly, and provide us with a sample of what you send off-site or down the drain. Our laboratory will then determine the current effluent contaminants and challenges.

Get a tailored plan

Based on our analysis, our laboratory will develop the best chemical and mechanical options to treat your wastewater economically. We will determine the type, design, and size of equipment required, the ideal blend of chemicals, the amount to dose, and the most suitable method to dispose of the waste. We will also assess your site to identify the best location for the trial equipment and what is needed from the site, such as power, water, and space.

Get a quote

We will provide you with a cost estimate for the trial, which will include the specialist staff delivering, setting up, and running the equipment over the agreed time. You are encouraged to observe the trial equipment in action, where you will witness your waste being transformed into clean water and waste that could potentially have value.

Make an informed decision

Full flow trial ensures the correct mechanical and chemical combination is applied when embedding new, or enhancing existing, wastewater treatment processes. Onsite trials of the entire chemical range, includes sustainable chemicals, offered as standard by WCS Environmental Engineering (WCSEE). 

After the trial, you can decide whether to rent the equipment on-site, buy new equipment, or end the trial. Whatever your decision, you will have access to real-life data and a report showing the possibilities and costs involved.

Not ready for a captial purchase

If you’re not ready to invest in a capital project you can continue on a hire basis for your convenience.

Carbon footprint

The trial will allow you to have precise control of process variables enabling you to reduce energy, chemicals and sludge volumes where necessary, which can be especially useful when measuring carbon footprint.

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Free laboratory test and analysis report is part of WCSEE chemical and mechanical industrial effluent and wastewater treatment service.

Trial process solutions

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