Water Treatment

Outstanding water treatment process, control and improvement

WCS Group is the UK No.1 water treatment and control improvement specialist and approved supplier to direct customers and over 50 FM and mechanical engineering / maintenance firms.

With over 500 water engineers and associates, WCS Group delivers technology-led ‘highest standards’ water treatment, and water treatment health and safety. We tailor to individual plant needs and provide reliable on-site service to maintain safe and clean environments, optimise water and energy use and improve operational efficiencies.

We ensure exacting BS 2486, BG 50, HSG 274 part 1 and ACoP L8 compliance and control improvements for customers in aerospace and defence, energy, food, healthcare, hospitality, industrial markets and the public sector – managing and logging performance for over 250,000 assets each year.

Water Tretment Monitor

We use digital asset optimisation and web-enabled information systems to help improve information flow, monitoring and adjustment decisions enabling greater efficiency, cost savings and enhanced compliance. More >

Measurable results for;

Water Treatment Pipe
  • Control of scale, corrosion and bacteria
  • Legionella risk assessment and control
  • Closed circuit and chiller systems
  • Closed system monitoring and improvement

  • Water cooling towers
  • Evaporative condensers
  • Steam boilers
  • Low and medium pressure heating systems
  • Pre-Treatment plant, dosage, chemical cycle and control
  • Waste water and effluent outflow
  • Remote data logging
  • Web-based electronic log book
  • ACoP L8 compliance

Water Treatment Case Studies

Water Hygiene Services case studies

See case studies by relevance for:

  • Infection control
  • Cost savings
  • Compliance
  • Risk & environmental
  • Plant efficiency
  • HSE improvement
  • Legionella control



See what improvements and operational efficiencies you could secure

  • Site and equipment audit
  • Review of preliminary data
  • Benchmark performance
  • Flagged priority recommendations
  • Plant efficiency
  • Independent ‘best’ advice
  • Scope for improved control, efficiences and compliance

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Continuous Closed System Monitoring


Learn how Hevasure monitoring supports compliance with BG29/2012 and BG50/2013 and:

  • Monitors system integrity / parameters known to cause corrosion
  • Reports on water characteristics
  • Protects critical systems
  • Cuts energy bills
  • Demonstrates duty of care