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Whole of water lifecycle management experts supporting your raw water intake, water treatment processes, sludge collection and dewatering, and safe water distribution.


Supporting your objectives of sustainable water treatment to produce high quality water without significant impact to the environment. Striving for optimal water, energy and chemical usage.

system control

Experts in system control, operating improvement and the fight against scale, corrosion and bacteria. We tailor solutions to expected technical operating performance levels advising on capital investment and ROI.

700 water treatment engineers and technicians supporting over 20,000 customer sites

  • Water (potable, process and wastewater)
  • Boiler water systems
  • Chemicals, chemical cleaning and chlorination
  • Cooling (including super cooling)
  • Disinfection and secondary disinfection
  • Dosing and control equipment
  • Grey water, re-use and effluent
  • Water chemistry, testing and monitoring
Water Hygiene Services

Water Treatment Services

Outstanding water treatment for commercial buildings and Facility Management companies.

Measurable results for:

✓ Control of scale, corrosion and bacteria

✓ Legionella risk assessment and control

✓ Closed circuit and chiller systems

✓ Closed system monitoring / improvement

✓ Cooling towers (refurbishment, renewal)

✓ Steam purity / boiler performance

✓ Low and medium pressure heating systems

✓ Pre-treatment, dosage, chemical cycle

✓ Water recovery and re-use

✓ Compliance with HSE 274 Parts 1-3, ACoP L8, BG04 / 29 / 50

Continuous Closed System Monitoring A smart way to manage critical systems

Discover how our Hevasure Monitoring System protects critical systems from corrosion damage.

Wastewater Treatment Wastewater treatment

We collaborate with clients to create customised water recycling solutions for sewage and industrial wastewater treatment bringing your site into compliance.

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