Effective water treatment and hygiene management for hospitals and healthcare facilities

Properly treated and managed water and air can have a significant impact on health, safety and comfort of patients, staff, visitors and buildings. Safe, clean water and indoor air quality can all contribute to the site experience, cleanliness, reputation, energy and operating costs and environmental footprint.

WCS Group’s healthcare team has decades of experience with NHS Hospital Trusts, Medical Centres and Care Homes. We supply Pseudomonas Aeruginosa sampling, risk assessments, site surveys, water treatment, water hygiene, air hygiene and remedial engineering / plumbing solutions to deliver “highest standard” outcomes and lower operating costs which;

  • Ensure sustainable solutions with optimal Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Reliably maintain optimal water and air system hygiene

  • Reduce deferred maintenance

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Promote green initiatives, lower waste and reduce environmental footprint

  • Facilitate cleanliness, safety, sustainability and bacterial control

  • Extend the service life of capital assets (cooling towers, chillers, steam boilers, A/C systems)

In the UK, over 500 water engineers and associates provide public and private healthcare facilities all over the UK with independent Pseudomonas Aeruginosa checks and sampling, risk assessments, site surveys, air hygiene risk assessments, innovative steam boiler management solutions, water cooling solutions, legionella awareness, control and management, chemical dosing for plant and equipment, remote temperature and data monitoring, log book management and on-going training.

Knowledge Bank

Air Hygiene Risk Assessment

Get an air quality, clean air Risk Assessment to develop an indoor air quality profile.

Top tips for Water Safety

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Legionella Control Training

Legionella Control Training

C&G & Highfield Ofqual, Hot/Cold Water Systems and Cooling Towers. Courses all over the UK or courses on your site.