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Safe Efficient Compliance

Everyday we help customers reduce usage of water, chemicals and energy, safely and reliably.

We provide technical consulting, water and wastewater treatment, chemical supply, training and air hygiene testing and quality solutions.

Our solutions can be tailored to each and every plant configuration and customer need to ensure compliance & safety and improve operational efficiency.

As part of the Marlowe group we can also help companies succeed by delivering a one-stop shop of services and software to ensure businesses have what they need to be safe, efficient and compliant.

Water and air

Our Services

  • Water engineering - operational improvement
  • Equipment hire and trial fleet
  • Standardised, custom build and full turnkey solutions
  • Chemical supply and management services
  • ACoP L8 Compliance
  • Elog book and asset management
  • Audit, test, monitor, service and maintain
  • Customer training and spare parts

Areas of Expertise

Water Treatment


Raw water treatment


Water softening

Reverse Osmosis

Water recovery / recycling / reuse

Ion exchange / demineralisation

Specialised water treatment





Dosing Pumps

Brominators, Tanks, bunds etc.

Water Meters, solenoid valves

Controllers (including WebMaster)

- Conductivity

- pH/ORP

- Boiler

- Disinfection



Site Survey

Risk Assessment

Testing and analysis

Legionella Analysis (including Rapid Assay)

Corrosion monitoring

LSI and scale monitoring

Biocide Sensitivity Testing

Cooling Tower cleaning and descaling


Liquid and Solid chemistry

Corrosion Inhibitors

Scale Inhibitors



Thermal/evaporative system management

Pool Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Technologies and Services

Standardised and tailored treatment technologies - new build, asset replacement or repurposing

Operational trials - prove technology before investment

Hire equipment - emergency or planned refurbishment

Chemical regime optimised for use with our technologies 

Effluent sampling, laboratory testing with report 

Specification design, offsite build, installation  commissioning and customer training

Service and maintenance support 

Spare parts, including pumps, pH systems and tanks 

Expertise in place to deliver full turnkey solutions

Water Hygiene

Legionella Risk Assessment and Water Hygiene Surveys

Monitoring, Inspection and Log Book management

Remote temperature monitoring

Specification design and installation for water system management

Sampling and analysis

Cleaning and disinfection works

Refurbishment and extension of service life

System improvement

Air Hygiene

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Comfort factors (Temperature, Humidity, Airflow

Airborne Particle counts

Airborne Bacteria and Fungi

Gases (Carbon dioxide and others as appropriate)

Risk Assessment and Site Surveys

Cleaning and Treatment of Air Handling plant / equipment

Kitchen Extract cleaning


Customer success stories

A selection of water and wastewater treatment case studies on our Resources page.