Industrial and commercial water treatment, water hygiene, ACoP L8 compliance and Legionella training 

Every day, we help manufacturers, commercial businesses, public organisations, institutions, FMs and maintenance companies look for better ways to perform strategic, non-core processes managing water, water and air hygiene and ACoP L8 compliance.

WCS Group is the leading water treatment, waste-to-energy, water re-use, wastewater  and water hygiene specialist helping customers more effectively manage water systems (heating, cooling), blending, supplying and managing chemicals, cleaning and maintaining critical plant and equipment. We ensure clean, safe water, fresh air and exacting hygiene. We extend service life. We enhance operational efficiency. We help customers manage Legionella risk, conserve energy, reduce water use and maximise safety responsibly and predictably with measurable results.

Water treatment used to be a ‘dark art’ specifying and administering chemicals to control scale, corrosion and bacteria. It still can be, but today, it is so much more too.

WCS Group provides the following services;

  • Design, Build, Monitor, Maintain
  • Audit, Test, Monitor, Service, Maintain
  • Chemical Supply & Management Services
  • Operational Improvement Water Engineering
  • Whole of Lifecycle Water Management
  • Training and ACoP L8 Compliance
  • Water Purification and Secondary Disinfection
  • Risk Assessments - Water Hygiene, Legionella, Asbestos, Noise
  • Remote Monitoring, Asset Tagging and System Management
  • Closed System Monitoring and Improvement

WCS Group is a Marlowe Critical Services company – the water treatment and hygiene division of Marlowe Critical Services comprising Water Treatment & Hygiene, Fire Life Safety & Security, Air Quality & Testing, Health & Safety Consulting. You can access what you need, when you want it via one common ‘highest standards’ service delivery platform or a combination of critical services by leveraging our Group expertise. Compliance. Assured.

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Our Risk Management:

Most customers are looking to manage risk, safety, financial cost, operational downtime and improve running efficiency while maintaining uncompromising compliance. They turn to us for;

  • Reliability – they want predictable improvements to operations, production and hygiene
  • Compliance – uncompromising, exacting and full HSE compliance (to law, best practice and in spirit)
  • Cost effectiveness – processes must be justified, advanced, tech-enabled if possible to deliver system improvements and enhanced economics and environmental impact
  • Independent risk assessment - full asset, building and operating risk of water hygiene, Legionella, fire, asbestos and noise in accordance with UK law and established regulations
  • Compliance. Assured - our risk assessments are not a tick-box exercise. Specially trained, dedicated experts work nationally organised through local teams evaluating over 2 million assets

Water Treatment 60-second overview

  • What control improvement looks like
  • Who we work for
  • What you can expect



Areas of Expertise:

Water Treatment – in Heat Transfer Applications >

  • Plant
    • Raw water treatment
    • Filtration
    • Water softening
    • Reverse Osmosis
    • Water recovery / recycling / reuse
    • Ion exchange / demineralisation
    • Specialised water treatment
    • Microfiltration
    • Ultrafiltration
    • Nanofiltration
  • Dosage
    • Dosing Pumps
    • Brominators, Tanks, bunds etc.
    • Water Meters, solenoid valves
    • o Controllers (including WebMaster)
      • Conductivity
      • pH/ORP
      • Boiler
      • Disinfection
    • Probes
  • Service
    • Site Survey
    • Risk Assessment
    • Testing and analysis
    • Legionella Analysis (including Rapid Assay)
    • Corrosion monitoring
    • LSI and scale monitoring
    • Biocide Sensitivity Testing
    • Cooling Tower cleaning and descaling
  • Chemicals
    • Liquid and Solid chemistry
    • Corrosion Inhibitors
    • Scale Inhibitors
    • Polymers
    • Biocides

Water Treatment – in Other Applications >

  • Thermal / evaporative system management
  • Effluent treatment
    • Solids handling / dewatering
    • Aerobic biological treatment
  • Pool Treatment

Water Hygiene >

  • Legionella Risk Assessment and Water Hygiene Surveys
  • Monitoring, Inspection and Log Book management
  • Remote temperature monitoring
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Cleaning and disinfection works

Air Hygiene >

  • Risk Assessment and Site Surveys
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
    • Comfort factors (Temperature, Humidity, Airflow
    • Airborne Particle counts
    • Airborne Bacteria and Fungi
    • Gases (Carbon dioxide and others as appropriate)
  • Cleaning and Treatment of Air Handling plant / equipment
  • Kitchen Extract cleaning

Water Engineering >

  • Design and specification for water system management
  • Installation
  • Refurbishment and extension of service life
  • System improvement

Training >

  • eLearning
  • IOSH Managing Safely, Working Safely, Legionella Approved
  • Ofqual - Combined Hot / Cold Water Systems and Cooling Towers, Legionella Control, L2 Waterborne Infections in Healthcare Standard water
  • WCS Group courses - COSHH Awareness, Emergency First Aid, Legionella for Managers, Legionella for Everyone, Legionella Combined, Legionella for Cooling Tower Operators, UKATA CAT A Asbestos Training
  • On-site training tailored to your site(s)