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Outstanding guest experiences and standards of hygiene for hospitality and leisure operators.

Hotels, gyms, leisure centres, sports stadia and tourist attractions all use hot and cold water services and many of these establishments also include hot tubs, showers and swimming pools - potential breeding grounds for legionella bacteria.

With increasing environmental demand on hospitality and leisure facilities we also work in collaboration with you to identify and solve onsite specific sewage treatment (off mains drainage) challenges.

WCS Group's engineering experts demonstrate compliance and lower operating costs for indoor air, water and wastewater treatment and hygiene;

Hospitality and Leisure

Our Services

  • Water engineering - operational improvement
  • Equipment hire and trial fleet
  • Standardised, custom build and full turnkey solutions
  • Chemical supply and management services
  • ACoP L8 Compliance
  • Elog book and asset management
  • Audit, test, monitor, service and maintain
  • Customer training and spare parts

Customer success stories

A selection of water and wastewater treatment case studies on our Resources page.