Outstanding guest experiences, standards of hygiene and intelligent water management for hospitality and leisure operators.

Hotels, gyms, leisure centres, swimming pools, sports stadia and tourist attractions all use hot, cold and potable water services and many of these establishments also include spas, hot tubs, showers, baths and public pools - potential breeding grounds for legionella bacteria.

As water management experts for the leisure and hospitality sector working right across the UK and Republic of Ireland, we enhance guest satisfaction, lower operating costs, disinfect and purify water and enable water-re-use and demonstrable compliance.

Hospitality and Leisure

Key knowledge and expertise includes:

  • Water safety

  • Water features

  • Cooling water systems

  • Air hygiene handling

  • Closed loops

  • Guest experience

  • Pool & spa engineering support, asset management, control and operation

  • Domestic water distribution and pipes

  • Water heating and steam

  • Legionella control and training

Exceeding compliance requirements

All organisations are obliged to meet ever-stricter regulations as well as compliance standards, and the management of each of these can be time-consuming and complex. As a perpetual commodity, it can be a significant challenge to ensure that all compliances relating to water are continually met.

Sustainable management of water resources

Operating to limited budgets, organisations in hospitality and leisure require cost effective water management solutions that optimise the water resources available. This not only stops the cost of operation from spiralling, but actively reduces costs for a positive impact on the bottom line.

Environmental impact

With the ongoing demand for greener standards led by both the government and the general public, all Hospitality and Leisure organisations are faced with the challenge of adopting more sustainable means of working without driving up the cost of operation or risking safety and reliability. This not only has benefits for the staff through creating a healthier place of work, but also for the global environment in the battle to save water.

Smart analysis and reporting

Modern day standards necessitate that all organisations require full transparency in the reporting and analysis of client data and information. Within modern technology, it is expected that all evidence and documentation is available rapidly, and to be online at the touch of a button.

Consistency and reliability

Every organisation’s service requires the same high standards of quality, every time. When the negative outcomes can be operational shutdowns, or the risk of health and safety of employees and customers, it is essential that a water supply is clean and reliable, consistently and dependably.

At WCS Group, our 800+ water engineers and associates provide customers with bespoke, ‘best-in-class’ water hygiene and control solutions using proven solutions tailored to each site / plant.

Legionella Control Training

Legionella Control Training

C&G & Highfield Ofqual, Hot/Cold Water Systems and Cooling Towers. Courses all over the UK or courses on your site.