Achieve the highest grade of water hygiene standards while minimising the cost of operations

As an industry based around making people feel and look good, companies in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics space often require higher grades of water than many other sectors.

At WCS Group, we understand the needs of manufacturers to meet the challenges of operating cost-effectively, while ensuring the highest levels of product quality.

We have extensive experience in providing the water grades required for the production of different pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, whether health and wellbeing products, medications, cosmetics or perfumes. Our wide range of water treatment solutions are designed to help customers’ with their own unique needs, including increasing production and turnaround times, removing silica, and producing sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

Whether using water for cleaning, energy transfer or as an ingredient itself, we have been able to demonstrably impact the following for our clients:

Improve production efficiencies:

All manufacturing companies require a fully optimised end-to-end production process. We can help you to improve your production efficiencies by reducing down-time or increasing up-time and shortening changeover and swap cycles, so you can consistently meet performance targets.

Improve your environmental impact:

With the increasing demand for greener standards, manufacturing companies need to adopt more sustainable ways of working. We can help you to make these changes without driving up costs or risking safety and reliability.

Deliver sustainable management of water resources:

Manufacturing companies require cost-effective water management solutions that optimise the water resources available. We deliver solutions that stop your operation costs from spiralling and have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Deliver smart analysis and reporting:

Today’s standards require all organisations to be fully transparent in the reporting and analysis of client data and information. We enable you to deliver evidence and documentation online at the touch of a button.

Provide a consistent and reliable service:

As a manufacturer, your customers expect high-quality products, every time, so it is essential that your water supply is clean and reliable at all times. Our 800+ water technicians and associates provide you with ‘best in class’ water hygiene and control solutions so you can consistently meet customer needs.

At WCS Group, we specialise in providing bespoke water treatment solutions to help you achieve your goals. Our open, flexible and agile approach means we can make a fast and sustainable difference to your business.

Water Hygiene Services

Water Treatment Services

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