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Fine water filtration systems

Flocell XFM Fines Filters are a range of pressurised filtration systems for Tertiary Solids including Phosphorus Removal.

The open-cell media has been designed to efficiently reduce water turbidity and retain particulate without increasing the pressure within the filter or reducing the flow.

P Removal trials

Flocell in conjunction with chemical dosing for P Removal is now available for trial on Water Utility sites - contact us to find out more.


  • Commercial sewage
  • Utilities and municipal wastewater 

Hire, trial or capital purchase  

Engineer with XFM filter

Product highlights

  • Uses 80% less water than a sand filter*

  • Low energy consumption

  • 100 times more retention capacity than a sand filter*

  • Low backwash return – max. once a week up to 30 minutes

  • Low operator maintenance

  • Scalable solutions

* Compared to sand filters of the same size on a typical installation.

 Independently tested by Cranfield University

+ Read more

Simple to maintain and operate

  • No hydraulic load, clogging or downtime

  • No consumables within the filter

  • No chemical cleans – not affected by polymers or chemicals

Design and manufacture

  • Can be built in parallel or series

  • Skid mounted and containerised options

  • Modular off site build - simple installation

P removal

P removal capability still requires chemical dosing using Ferric based solutions to precipitate out the Phosphate as suspended solids.

Open-cell media

Flocell open-cell media has been designed to efficiently reduce water turbidity and retain particulate without increasing the pressure within the filter or reducing the flow.

Flocell container straight on view(white background)



WCS Environmental Engineering offers full commissioning and training to customers with annual service contracts

Air Clean Technology

Flocell XFM Fines Filters use air to clean rather than a traditional backwash cycle. Cleaning with air using the low-energy blower package agitates the media pack and removes contained solids during the short cleaning cycle.

Air reduces energy use, it substantially reduces the amount of water that is lost, whilst at the same time producing a highly concentrated and manageable effluent stream that infrequently needs to be removed or returned to the head of works to co-settle with incoming effluent.


Only the single volume of the filter is discharged when cleaning and with prolonged periods of operation possible due to high retention capacity the water and power savings are significant.  




The media has been specifically engineered to optimise the mechanical filtration performance of Flocell XFM Fines Filters.

Flocell open cell media has been independently tested by the IFTS (Institut de la Filtration et des Technique Séparatives) in France and Cranfield University to offer vastly superior performance in terms of retention capacity, retention efficiency, energy consumption and power use.

XFM graph


WCSEE in partnership with Flocell - Evolution Aqua filtration specialists

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