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The site’s existing effluent treatment plant was not meeting consent standards for discharge quality. As well as the risk of fines and prosecutions, the problem was costly due to the need for tankers to be deployed to take the wastewater offsite. It was also time consuming - the company spent many hours trying to make the process run efficiently.


WCS Environmental Engineering trialled a dissolved air floatation (DAF) unit to remove the high loadings. Once the process was proved, engineers designed, built, installed and commissioned a system to effectively treat the complete flow. For ongoing treatment, chemicals that produce a reduced strength effluent to the downstream biological units were also provided.


Following commissioning of the DAF system, the client is meeting its discharge consents and the environmental regulator is satisfied with the treatment solution. The biological systems now runs far more effectively and energy costs for operation have been reduced. In addition, the operators are no longer spending time trying to resolve the daily process issues and can be far more efficient in their work time.


For effluents containing concentrations of fats, grease, oil, colour, organic matter, biological sludges, colloidal material and phosphates, the DAF is typically used to mitigate the financial impact of trade effluent charges and maintaining environmental compliance. Ideal for pre-treatment of wastewater, it can reduce suspended solids, fats and greases by up to 90% depending on application.

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