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The Volute screw press offers sludge thickening and dewatering of dissolved air floatation (DAF) and biological (aerobic and anaerobic) sludge and raw effluent flows.

The Volute has an automatic self-cleaning filter that prevents clogging and enables constant dewatering without using large volumes of water. It is suitable for:

  • Industrial primary sludge such as DAF  
  • Industrial secondary treatment sludges such as activated sludge 
  • Aerobic and anaerobic bio solids
  • Digestate dewatering 
  • Fibrous sludges
  • Oily sludges  


  • Industrial wastewater and trade effluent  
  • Hiretrial or capital purchase  
Volute dewatering screw press

Product highlights

Dewatering with a screw press solution offers industrial clients a low-energy, low-maintenance way to cut their carbon footprint and join the circular economy. It cuts out the need to transport large volumes of unprocessed waste. It can save money and create new revenue streams with a portable and ready-to-use product for growing markets.

  • 70% footprint space saving compared to standard screw press 

  • Up to 99% saving on cleaning water against belt press, and 92% against conventional screw press 

  • No thickening or storage tanks needed

  • Only 5% of the power usage of a comparable centrifuge 

  • Sensor-controlled operation - automatically run for 24-hours  

  • Noise minimised due to non-rotating body at high speeds

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Product highlights continued

  • Expandable controls to link to external tanks, conveyers, waste bulkers technologies

  • Only two consumable parts – typical 10,000 hours ring lifespan and 30,000 hours screw lifespan (3/9 years if run at 9 hours per day)

  • Adjustable CIP systems to auto- clean between batches or low levels

  • Self-cleaning filter enables stable and constant dewatering without depending on high amounts of water consumption to prevent clogging 

  • Chemical regime optimised for use with our technologies

  • Low maintenance and operator interaction with automatic stop/start


  • Siemens HMI control panel can link to existing SCADA systems

  • Throughput can be increased by adding a cylinder unit if extendable base is chosen

  • All-in-one design and easy to install

  • Container and skid mounted options for temporary solutions – hire and trial 

lab analysis

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How the process works

Step one

The dewatering cylinder comprises alternating fixed rings, moving rings and spacers enclosing a conical screw tapering towards an end plate.

Step two

The rings move continuously to clean the sludge between the gaps and prevent clogging.  

Step three

The first part of the screw section is called the Thickening Zone, thereafter, the pitch of the screw narrows with the gaps between the rings and the screw pitch decreasing towards the end plate. 


EC Series Volute screw press with sludge conditioning tank

(1) Sludge conditioning tank (2) Flow control tank (3) Flocculation tank (4) Cylinder unit (5) Discharge outlet for dewatered cake 

UK distillery - video of a Screw Press with Spent Press process


GS Series Volute screw press without sludge conditioning tank

(1) Flow control tank (2) Thickening flocculation tank (3) Cylinder unit (4) Discharge outlet for dewatered cake 

Industrial application examples


  • Food and beverage such as:

    • Abattoir

    • Diary

    • Consumer food and beverage products

    • Raw agricultural goods 

  • Waste management/remediation services 

  • Personal care and cosmetics 

  • Pharmaceutical 

  • Aggregates and raw materials 

  • Chemicals manufacture  

  • Metal finishes, mining and quarrying 

  • Automotive 

  • Fish farms and livestock manure  

  • Machinery manufacturing/metal processing plants  

  • Paper mill and glass factories 

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