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Volute Screw Press in factory

Activated Carbon Manufacturer, UK


The membrane bioreactor (MBR) unit treating wastewater onsite at this production facility was producing excess biological solids, inhibiting the reactor’s performance. As a result, excess solids would be discharged into the effluent treatment plant which could lead to failures or an increase in strength of discharge quality. These were potentially challenging and costly outcomes, that could have resulted in higher water company trade effluent charges. In addition, large amounts of electricity were used to in efforts to overcome the plant’s inefficiencies.


After the success of initial lab tests, a volute dewatering screw press was trialled to remove and dry the excess solids. This proved the process at little cost to the client. A full-scale automated remote-controlled system to effectively treat the excess solids was then designed, built, installed and commissioned. Environmentally-friendly chemicals that produce a dry cake to be composted for land spread were also provided, backed up by ongoing technical support from a team of technical experts.


WCS Environmental Engineering worked in partnership with the client to provide a tailored solution that gave greater control of the treatment system. The MBR unit runs more efficiently, saving on energy and cost, performing at optimum levels and reducing operator intervention time. The risk of discharge quality failures has dropped to negligible levels and water company trade effluent costs have been reduced.


The Volute dewatering Screw Press offers both sludge thickening and dewatering for industrial wastewater applications and can significantly reduce sludge volume by up to 30-40%. Low energy, low noise and fully automated, it runs a continuous process, with a unique self-cleaning mechanism that prevents clogging.  The technology is suitable for industrial, primary and secondary treatment sludges, aerobic and anaerobic biosolids and digestate dewatering and oily sludges.


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