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Laboratory testing for sewage and industrial effluent

WCSEE can provide both on and off-site testing and analysis.

Our mobile testing unit allows an assessment of overall solids particle count for effective solids removal.

For industrial effluent we provide a laboratory test and report to correct effluent consent levels, reduce sludge volume disposal costs, and enhance the efficiency of existing processes and equipment.

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Sewage service

Particle size analysis

  • Solids removal filtration
  • P removal
  • Confirmation of optimal process technology

Our mobile Particle Size Analyser (PSA) testing unit allows us to assess the overall solids particle count in a sample and provides an optimal pre-established size category for effective solids and P removal.

Conducting these tests with an effluent sample on site enables us to identify the most efficient wastewater treatment equipment for the specific site needs.

Industrial service

Sample testing

  • Confirmation of optimal process technology
  • Identification of most effective chemical blends

As part of our industrial effluent trial service, we provide a laboratory test and report for clients aiming to correct effluent consent levels, reduce disposal costs associated with increasing sludge volumes, and enhance the efficiency of their existing processes and equipment.

Our specialist laboratory conducts tests for an extensive range of toxic metals, chemicals, and microbiological and physical parameters (COD/FOG/TSS).

We have the capability to analyse site-specific containments such as phosphates and nitrates, along with dry solids tests to assess the suitability of waste for Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant to reduce waste expenses.

Simply providing us with an effluent sample and details of your daily, weekly, or monthly waste production we can determine effluent contaminants and address associated challenges.

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Free laboratory test and analysis report is part of WCSEE chemical and mechanical industrial wastewater treatment service.


Sector site examples 

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Applicable industries

  • Water Utilities 

  • Process manufacturing

  • Food and Beverage 

  • Personal care and cosmetics 

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Raw materials

  • Automotive 

  • Chemical 


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