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Ambitious university aims to cut mains-fed water usage by 2%.

What you can do to save water, practical ways to save water, how to reduce water usage….are all questions operators of major sites – especially leisure and hospitality, food processing, commercial managers looking to enhance environmental objectives and reduce their carbon footprint and universities for example, eager to conserve resources and underline their green and sustainability credentials. Here is how one UK university has approached water efficiency with much success.

A UK university is aiming to reduce mains-fed water usage by 2% per annum based on litres per student and increase the proportion of grey water re-used by 2020. It’s all part of an ambitious Sustainability Management Group plan to minimise environmental impact and boost sustainability as part of a corporate strategy.

Water Efficiency

Learn how an ambitious university aims to cut mains-fed water usage by 2%

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  • A UK university is winning design and sustainability awards and undertaking a £200 million transformation
  • Flagship design, system management and sustainability are integral to university culture, operating and the student experience
  • The quality of student life is paramount alongside corporate sustainability and environmental impact
  • This university wants to advance understanding of the world around us and operate responsibly


What Who
Refurbish all WCs for dual flush Head of Campus Planning & Development
Implement monitoring and targeting software on key metres to accurately measure and report on water usage volume Carbon Manager
Trial low-water technology for urinals Head of Campus Planning & Development
Research and project rainwater harvesting system impact starting with new buildings and rolling out to other academic and residential buildings Carbon Manager
Consider sustainable drain improvements for all new buildings Head of Campus Planning & Development
Educate campus users about dual flush, 5-minute shower challenge, reporting a dripping tap etc Sustainability Advisor
Work with the Student Union to promote short showers, turning tap off during brushing of teeth etc Sustainability Advisor and Students’ Union
Use software and new monitoring systems to monitor system leaks, water loss etc Energy Advisor and Outsourced Hygiene and Water Engineers
Implement urinal water saving technology Sustainability Advisor
Run annual water awareness events to raise water conservation issues Head of Campus Planning & Development
Fit tap flow restrictors to taps where suitable Head of Campus Planning & Development
Review catering practices to reduce unnecessary water consumption Operations Manager and Catering Head
Implement engineering and major plumbing projects to re-use grey water Head of Campus Planning & Development
Elicit help of teaching and undergraduates to monitor and introduce new water saving techniques alongside specialist hygiene advisors Outsourced Hygiene and Water Engineers


WCS Group would like to wish this university and all stakeholders involved the very best of luck dealing with water usage, water safety and reductions in usage and environmental footprint. Many UK universities are investing in transformative programmes surrounding infrastructure, facilities and campus experience and receiving practical help and support from specialists regarding water treatment, water hygiene, operational efficiency, asset management maintenance life cycle planning and extension and ROI on capital asset expenditure.

If you would like help or to see our 40-point checklist on how you can reliably save water across your site(s), please email alex.winter@wcs-group.co.uk and ask for a checklist. It includes roles and responsibilities by stakeholder (Estates Office, Maintenance or Facilities, Water Hygiene or Water Treatment company) for example.

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