Kitchen extract and ductwork cleaning Kitchen extract and ductwork cleaning

Kitchen extract and ductwork cleaning is essential to prevent fires in commercial buildings. WCS Ductclean has the expertise and specialist cleaning equipment to carry out kitchen canopy deep cleaning on systems of any size. Utilising the latest technologies, including remote foaming systems that can clean risers and horizontal ductwork from one point of access, we can also carry out abseiling and CCTV verification where required.

All works are completed to BESA TR19 guidance and our grease cleaning technicians are BESA accredited, and fully trained in-house.

Ventilation Mnagament Ventilation management

We work across a range of sectors including commercial kitchens, social housing and hospitals to offer a range of ductwork and ventilation cleaning and associated services, with a commitment to high quality and a right first time approach:

  • Ductwork and ventilation installation
  • Compliance, maintenance & surveys, including LEVs
  • Drawings and commissioning
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Fire valve/grille & damper installation, maintenance and checks (smoke & self-balancing)
  • Entire system cleaning
  • Fan maintenance and repair
  • Fan upgrades, to high efficiency, low energy units
  • All associated electrical work

Fire and smoke dampers Fire and Smoke Dampers

WCS Ductwork can provide all elements of fire and smoke damper installation and maintenance, helping buildings keep occupants safe and comply with legislation, as well as training for engineers. Damper maintenance is often overlooked but fire dampers should be inspected, tested and cleaned annually, in accordance with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 and in accordance with BS 9999:2017. 

Following any fire damper repair works, WCS Ductclean provides clients with a full support package, ranging from manual fire and electrical smoke dampers to modifications to ductwork systems, ensuring the correct installation and fire protection to the surrounding areas. Examples include fire dampers through floors and dry walls, access doors into the ductwork to enable the damper to be tested, and remedial actions to ensure a building is compliant with current legislation.

Ductwork Installation Ductwork installation and modification

WCS Ductclean can provide a range of ductwork installation and modification services, from minor adjustments to major refits, on all types of HVAC system. Examples include full-kitchen and toilet extraction systems and supply/extract for offices and communal areas.

Ductwork modification may be required in order to improve operational effectiveness, while ensuring building compliance and value for money. We can also offer a full service and maintenance package for any HVAC installations, designed to ensure efficiency and reduce breakdowns and call outs.

Fan Fan Maintenance

WCS Ductclean carries out all aspects of fan maintenance for social housing landlords. Our team of expert engineers can remove, replace or repair all fan components, including housing motors, drives, pulleys and fan belts. We also carry out dynamic balancing.

Where it is no longer cost-effective to service or upgrade parts, WCS Ductclean can remove and replace the fan. Our fans are bespoke and can be manufactured to fit most existing up-stands or site restrictions. Made from high quality powder coated galvanized sheet steel, fitted with acoustic non-hygroscopic foam and non-overloading 100,000 hour long life, low energy motors, energy costs can be significantly reduced. Previous installations have made savings in excess of £1,000 per annum per fan.

Eye LEV testing

WCS Ductclean provides Local Exhaust Ventilation System (LEV) testing, which involves a complete inspection and examination of the equipment, including reviewing the working practices where the LEV is used, air flow measurements, hood capture velocities, technical performance and an assessment of condition. 

LEV inspection evidences the efficiency of the system, which may require additional service and maintenance to become effective.

Clipboard IAQ testing, monitoring and assessment

WCS Ductclean offers a full range of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing services, covering monitoring, sample collection, indoor air assessments and laboratory analysis.

Poor air hygiene and management can trigger ill-health, sick building syndrome and forced absence by building occupants. It can also lead to increased building operation costs and expensive remedial works. Air quality testing is therefore a very important part of ensuring public and commercial buildings are safe.

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