First class engineering support for water purification, water treatment, water systems and water engineering

Our national team of engineers, project managers and technicians supply critical system design, installation, testing, overhaul, upgrade and improvement designed to give customers a competitive advantage and maintain uncompromising safety. As the UK No.1 water treatment and control improvement specialist, our people have over 30 years in water treatment, hygiene and exacting compliance.

Clients include Industrial, Commercial, Hotel and Leisure, Retail, NHS, Food & Beverage, Manufacturers and Defence operators (public and private). Many of our people work on high security, defence and power sites as authorised engineers. We provide solutions tailored to individual plant / equipment / site needs working both directly and in close collaboration with Managing FMs.

We ensure absolute safety, reliability and exacting ACoP L8 compliance and control improvements.

Engineering overview

Capability, who we work with, case studies;

  • Closed system control and improvement
  • Water system cleaning
  • Water purification (including reverse osmosis)
  • Water treatment upgrades
  • Equipment renewal and improvement
  • Pre-treatment solutions
  • Water conservation and re-use
  • Environmental impact
  • Remedial (precision) works


Engineering overview

Measurable results for;

  • Closed Systems Cleaning, Acid De-Scales, Biocide Wash and Disinfections
  • Tank / Pump supply and installation
  • Control panel design, supply and installation
  • Remote monitoring, electronic log book and temperature control analysis
  • Supply / installation of motorised / air operated values / switches
  • Interconnecting pipework and dead-leg removal
  • Cooling tower decommissioning, installation and refurbishment
  • Boiler feedwater systems
  • Bore hole filtration systems including Reverse Osmosis (RO) units
  • Data Centre Water
  • Waste Water pumping and removal systems and control
  • Legionella control and compliance


See what improvements and operational efficiencies you could secure

  • Site and equipment audit
  • Review of preliminary data
  • Benchmark performance
  • Flagged priority recommendations
  • Plant efficiency
  • Independent ‘best’ advice
  • Scope for improved control, efficiences and compliance

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