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How WCS Group could help you to tackle rising vet bills

Apr 1, 2020

Call-outs, treatments, antibiotics… Imagine how much easier life would be if there was one cost-effective, non-toxic way to maintain healthier livestock without expensive, time-consuming veterinary visits, and keep the water and farm bacteriologically clean too.

There is. The GENOX Generator System from WCS Group.

The GENOX Generator system uses just salt, water and electricity to deliver an in-water disinfectant solution. We call the active ingredient NEUTHOX®. NEUTHOX® is primarily composed of hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a proven disinfectant used in agriculture and livestock, healthcare, food safety, water treatment and general sanitation, and supported by a wealth of research.

Keep trough water cleaner and safer

Water is a vital nutrient and livestock must have access to it at all times. It plays an important role in many functions in the body such as reproduction, lactation, respiration and digestion. The provision of fresh, clean, bacteria-free water helps to keep animals healthy and it is essential to maximise intake. Lowering infection rates means the animal’s own immune system will be relieved and it will produce more meat and milk, lactate more often, and live longer.

Troughs are important for livestock feed and water; however, their maintenance can be overlooked in the busy farm environment. Pathogens can replicate quickly in troughs, particularly in the summer months. In addition, animals that are fed concentrates tend to contaminate water via feed adhering to their muzzles, encouraging further microbial growth. This makes the water unpalatable as well as dangerous.

If troughs are supplied by water from the GENOX Generator System, NEUTHOX® will keep them free from disease-carrying bacteria such as E-coli, coliforms, Salmonella, Campylobacter and Clostridium botulinum. As well as providing better quality water, this greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination between troughs. Cleaning the trough regularly with water from the unit provides another layer of bacterial control.

One unit, many applications

What really sets NEUTHOX® apart from other disinfectants is its flexibility. Once installed, the compact and easily-sited GENOX unit can generate NEUTHOX® liquid 24/7, providing farmers with a single way to treat a whole range of issues.  NEUTHOX® can be used for biofilm removal, animal drinking water disinfection, and barn and inventory disinfection, as well as udder washing and udder dip. 

Importantly, it can also be used to treat a range of lower level, but still unpleasant and potentially dangerous, animal health issues. These include cleaning and flushing wounds and injuries, keeping hooves healthy to stop lameness due to digital dermatitis, treating and preventing eye inflammation, and addressing severe fungal infections such as ringworm. Treating the affected area with NEUTHOX®, taken directly from the GENOX unit then diluted as directed and applied with a spray applicator, quickly promotes healing and reduces discomfort.

Highly effective and entirely non-toxic

The GENOX Generator System works without using or creating any dangerous by-products. Because it requires just salt and water, electrolysed in the unit to create NEUTHOX®, no dangerous chemicals have to be stored or handled on site. HOCI is actually a naturally- occurring weak acid that is produced by the body’s white blood cells as a way to promote healing. It is 100% safe for animals and humans, chemical free and non-toxic.

Installation and maintenance

WCS Group is the UK distributor for the GENOX Generator System. The GENOX unit requires minimal servicing and maintenance, significantly reducing cost of operation against other chemically generated disinfectants. A monitoring and inspection programme should be put in place in line with the risk assessment and guided by ACOP(L8) and HSG274.

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