WCS Group reduces carbon footprint by using 100% green electricity

By: James Greenwood on Jul 29, 2020

At WCS Group, we are committed to reducing our emissions and becoming a greener business. That’s why we’ve switched our electricity supply to Ecotricity, the UK’s greenest energy provider.

WCS Group consumes 711263 kWh of electricity every year. 

By switching to Ecotricity we are saving 164.73 metric tonnes of C02 each year. That’s equivalent to the weight of 319 polar bears, 366 grand pianos, 4118 double mattresses or 22690 bowling balls!

It would take 82364 trees one year to commandeer that much carbon.

If emitted, this much carbon would cause a sustained loss of 494 square meters of Arctic sea ice each year.

This amount of carbon is equivalent to the amount emitted by driving 838309 miles in the average car.

The volume of this much carbon dioxide would fill 71 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Ecotricity provides 100% green electricity and the money from our energy bills will be invested into new sources of green energy and developing sustainable projects to make a genuine difference across the UK.

WCS Group provides water and wastewater treatment services to help companies maximise commercial opportunities, minimise environmental impact and maintain compliance. We help our customers to reduce water, chemical and energy use safely and reliably.

To find out more about how we can make your building and environment safer and more efficient, please get in touch.

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James Greenwood

Written by James Greenwood

James Greenwood as been working in the Water Treatment and Water Hygiene Industry for over 20 years. He is currently the Sales and Marketing Director for WCS Group the largest water hygiene and treatment Company in the UK. James has been instrumental in bringing significant innovations to the UK market over the years always focusing on enhancing client’s compliance and delivering true return on investment projects offering monetary and environmental savings.