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Kingfisher joins WCS Group

By: Jon Greaves on Jul 26, 2018

WCS Group, the water treatment division of Marlowe plc’s (parent) critical services group, has acquired Kingfisher Environmental Services Ltd. WCS Group now delivers water treatment, testing, hygiene, regulatory compliance and training to over 3,300 customers and enjoys £26 million annualised revenue.

Kingfisher joins WCS Group

Founded in 1999, Kingfisher is a market leader in delivering specialist water treatment, testing and uncompromising Legionella control and regulatory compliance within the hotel and leisure industry. This is complementary to WCS’s already strong market presence in this area and customers from both WCS Group and Kingfisher will benefit from the knowledge and expertise that the combined organisation will be able to leverage.

All staff will remain in place and operate from the existing sites meaning that customers will still be seeing the same familiar faces working through local regional teams on sites they know well.

WCS Group’s Water CEO Phil Greenwood said, “Kingfisher is an excellent fit within the water division, and I am delighted to welcome the team to WCS Group. They have the same commitment to uncompromising testing, safety and regulatory compliance. They are passionate about water control, efficiencies and customer service. Going forward, customers will benefit from a larger team, a wider and deeper plant and service offering, investment in systems, processes, people and new technology and Legionella training”.

Kingfisher customers will benefit from knowing that they have access to a large, national team of water specialists, an in-house engineering team who can manage assets and plant rooms reducing energy and operating costs. They will have access to air hygiene services and through our sister fire, security and air quality divisions, additional specialised supply chain solutions tailored to their needs.

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Jon Greaves

Written by Jon Greaves

Jon has progressively worked through operational roles, account management, technical management, and senior management roles over the last 16 years within one of the group companies before moving into the role of Water and Air Managing Director. Jon has experience across multiple sectors of water and air compliance, including district energy networks; data centres; healthcare; food and beverage and facilities management. Jon acted as a corresponding steering committee member on CIBSE CP1 – Heat Networks Code of Practice for the UK released in 2020.

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