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WCS Group celebrates another RoSPA Gold Award

Sep 21, 2023

WCS Group proudly announces we have won a RoSPA Gold Achievement Award for the second consecutive year.

This award reflects our dedication to creating a safer work environment and the collective efforts of our team in realising this goal.

A testament to safety excellence

The RoSPA Health and Safety Award is a globally recognised symbol of safety excellence. It honours organisations across various sectors for their commitment to safeguarding lives.

Being a recipient of the RoSPA Gold Award brings recognition to WCS Group while aligning us with a cross-industry commitment to safeguarding people as they work:

"By earning a RoSPA Award, organisations not only receive recognition for their accomplishments but also become part of a legacy that values dedication to high safety standards, the well-being of individuals, and signifies a commitment to excellence."


Highlighting the global safety crisis

According to RoSPA every day, over 6,000 individuals globally are involved in work-related accidents or suffer from the effects of a work-related illness.

These figures are alarming but, largely, preventable. The HSE estimate that over 80% of "wholly avoidable" workplace accidents occur due to poor planning or lack of risk assessments

Our second ROSPA Gold award, underlines our deep understanding of the significance of health and safety practices and the measures we have in place to minimise and mitigate their risk.

A word from Jon Greaves

Jon Greaves, Managing Director Hydro-X Group and WCS Water told us:

"We're proud to receive the ROSPA Gold Achievement Award for another year. This award speaks volumes about our team's focus on safety and continuous improvement. It's a testament to our commitment to upholding the highest safety standards and ensuring the well-being of our team members."



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