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Thorpe-Underwood-Hall WCSEE case study

When specifying a sewage treatment plant, being ‘fit for purpose’ and combining reliability and compliance is essential.  Thorpe Underwood is a beautiful estate spanning over 100 acres approximately 10 miles outside of York. The estate comprises a preparatory school, sport and leisure facilities, college, accommodation blocks and catering functions.


Due to expansion of the facilities, the flows and loads to the existing plant have increased over the years, and will continue to do so in the future, meaning the existing plant needed to be extensively upgraded.

Due to the nature of the site, considerations such as variable flows and loads, installation costs and easy maintenance were vital.


A HiPAF submerged aerated filter (SAF) biological treatment zone to meet the Environment Agency consent standards of BOD 20mg/l; TSS 30mg/l and NH4-N 5mg/l.  was perfectly suited to the application due to its ability to meet the stringent Ammonia standard set in this instance.

In addition, the flexibility of the HiPAF (SAF) which can be installed above or below ground was also a major factor for specification.  Due to the need for fast and easy installation, combined with as minimal excavation as possible, most of the individual process plant sections that have been supplied are for use above ground.  Monitors have also been installed to continually record information detailing final effluent ammonia concentration levels, controlling and adjusting the blowers automatically, ensuring the ammonia levels are optimised, this means the whole plant will operate as efficiently as possible and minimises electrical consumption.

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