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Nick Cowan, Group Environmental Manger said “Since partnering to put into affect the needed repairs and upgrade for our technologies and materials, this treatment facility is operating with efficiencies not experienced in more than a decade, if ever. Our discharged effluent is cleaner than it has ever been, maintenance on the process is very straightforward and we have reduced our overall costs of operation."

The challenge - an exsisting effluent treatment plant was taken over by the Tayto Group

The aging wastewater treatment facility for the production of potato crisps and snacks in Corby, Northamptonshire was out of compliance.

  • volumn 20m3per hour, max flow 30m3 per hour
  • correct discharge consent failures
  • plant had received numerous citations --- was facing a final warning by local water authority
  • costs of operation were interfering with proper operation of facility
  • two-year old electrocoagulation (EC) system using an aluminium flocculant, followed by Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
  • inadequate results of EC process, plus system maintenance difficulties, resulted in facility relying mostly on DAF for treatment before discharge
  • problem was compounded by expense of frequent EC electrodes replacement
  • sludge removal-disposal of aluminium-based sludge further increased costs

The value delivered -  restoring the wastewater treatment plant

  • facility equipment required a complete overhaul, except for an existing balance tank
  • designed and equipped a 45ft trailer delivered to site for a rapid, turnkey installation
  • solution was tailored to meet the needs of food processing wastewater
  • included in the trailer: pipe flocculator, dosing system, DAF  with a white water system, screw press and all controls - eventually the screw press was relocated outside the trailer
  • from award of the contract the system was installed and online in 3 months

The new process is completely automated

  • effluent is pH corrected in the balance tank, dosed with Cofloc® + polymer, then treated by the  DAF & white water systems before discharge to sewer
  • remaining sludge is dewatered via best-in-class screw press with the liquid returned to head of works for final treatment
  • remaining solids collected for sale as animal feed

Tayto case study photo


  • organic, biodegradable, non-hazardous, sustainable
  • carbon footprint-negative
  • highly efficient - 30% reduction in sludge

Volute Screw Press

  • revolutionary all-in-one design
  • saves water, energy and space
  • 30% quieter

White Water

  • proprietary technology to produce micro-bubbles in the Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) process that maximize flocc formation

Continued success at Tayto’s Scunthrope plant

The success of the Corby site overhaul has resulted in Atana being contracted to apply the same technologies to Tayto’s Scunthrope plant a 50m3 per hour facility

  • plant discharge was immediately within consent specifications
  • punitive action by water authority withdrawn
  • plant maintenance significantly improved by elimination of regular electrode replacement and full automation
  • costs of sludge disposal eliminated
  • plant now produces environmentally responsible byproducts
  • Mogden fees reduced
  • income from sale of sludge further offsetting operating costs
  • ROI on installation is anticipated to be 18 months

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