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Diamond septic tank replacement case study homeowner

Nikki, like many home owners, urgently needed her failing septic tank replaced as it was unable to cope with the modern wastewater usage of today. Here’s her story…

Nikki, a cottage owner in Somerset, found her septic tank was failing and urgently needed a replacement. Nikki’s request was simple, she explains: “I wanted to stop panicking when it rained too heavily, took too many showers or even had a bath!”

Coming to her aid, WCI Sewage Treatment , an independent wastewater treatment specialist with over 33 years’ experience, listened to Nikki’s concerns.


Personal assistance

WCI Sewage Treatment Ltd recommended the compact Diamond DMS package sewage treatment plant (off mains drainage) as they believed that it fitted best with Nikki’s requirements for the following reasons the Diamond:

  •  Able to cope with today’s increased daily volume of household wastewater as opposed to older options such as septic tanks.
  • So compact and discreet, installed completely underground with only a flush lid visible, ensuring that it wouldn’t ruin the visual appeal of Nikki’s property.
  •  Minimal disruption during installation due to its compact design and minimal excavation.
  • No internal mechanical moving parts which means that the plant requires minimal annual maintenance, making it economical to run.

The discreet solution

WCI and Nikki agreed a new location in the front garden where the compact  Diamond package sewage treatment plant would be hidden from view and preserve the natural beauty of the cottage.

Normally a wastewater treatment plant must be sited more than 7 metres from a habitable property and with Nikki’s requirements in mind for an unobtrusive solution, WCI reduced this by gaining permission from Building Control. A relaxation under building control H for the site was granted, meaning that the new plant could be installed 4.2 metres from the cottage.

Diamond below ground installation 2

Arriving on time

Diamond below ground installation 6

All of the installation materials, the compact Diamond package sewage treatment plant and the machinery arrived on site in good time, with the drainage laid and a new manhole installed.

Diamond below ground installation 7

Minimal excavation

The excavation in the front garden was smaller than required for most sewage treatment tanks due to the conical design of our Diamond

 Diamond below ground installation 4

External pump chamber used for the slight incline

The compact plant was placed a little deeper than usual due to the slight incline and so that it could be covered in gravel and hidden from view. An external pump chamber was supplied to pump the treated wastewater to the manhole.

An external pump chamber is used if the location of the plant is:

  • on an incline
  • in a high water table area
  • a long distance away from the designated discharge point (ie. drainage field/water course/ditch)

Connecting and covering

Diamond below ground installation 3

The site electrician connected the air blower and external pump chamber with the tank and then backfilled with concrete.

The whole of the package wastewater treatment system was covered in terram to prevent weed growth and then completely covered by gravel. 

Diamond below ground installation 5

The small kiosk (housing the control panel and blower) was discreetly placed in the corner of the garden.

A new garden fence was erected and the front garden and adjacent road were then tidied so that there was no sign that WCI had even been there!

Diamond below ground installation


And would you believe that Nikki is stood to the right of where the sewage treatment plant was installed - you wouldn’t even know it’s there!

Nikki said of the installation, “After great deliberation, I decided to go ahead with the installation of a sewage treatment plant and was amazed with how efficient, professional and thorough you all were, not to mention good fun too!”

Nikki was overjoyed by how little of the tank was visible, with just the flush lid subtly appearing above ground. She was so pleased with the product and service, that she wrote a letter of thanks…

Dear Team,

I would just like to say what a wonderful job you did at the above property last week.  After great deliberation I decided to go ahead with the installation of a Sewage Treatment Plant and was amazed how efficient, professional and thorough you all were, not to mention good fun too!

Living where I do there was the propensity for traffic chaos but this didn’t happen due to your observation skills and forward planning.

I no longer have a panic when it rains heavily, take too many showers or even have a bath.

Even the front cottage looks amazing as a result, to which a couple of neighbours have made very pleasing comments.

So many thanks




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