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We are pleased to introduce the new Utility Sales Manager Monica Rodrigues (MSc Environmental Engineering), who is a highly experienced member of the WCS Environmental Engineering (WCSEE) wastewater treatment team.

Monica, an environmental engineer, has been specifying WCSEE products for our utility customers for five years, working closely with them to plan out cost effective, sustainable and robust solutions. She has a deep understanding of water companies’ environmental obligations and customer commitments, including the need to futureproof sites for growing populations and to maintain tightening permit requirements. 

She tells us about herself and her career:

What led to your career in water and wastewater treatment?

My studies were based between Lisbon and the Netherlands, where I gained an environmental engineering degree. I joined the WCS Environmental Engineering five years ago, as a proposals engineer, collaborating closely with utilities to enhance their wastewater treatment processes.

What will you be working on in your new role?

I’ll be managing a wide range of projects, including developing a southern strategy for WCSEE package treatment plants, as well working on collaborative innovation and supplying clients with our standard equipment or custom solutions.

What are you career highlights so far?

Working in different countries and cultures has helped me to develop, not only professionally but also personally. Also, having the opportunity to present our innovative repurpose solution to water utilities was an important moment, which allowed me to showcase the company and engage with potential customers.

What you enjoy most about working in water?

Water is a scare resource, which is being impacted by floods and drought due to climate change. Effective and sustainable treatment is getting more critical and being part of that cycle is very rewarding.

What do you like doing when you’re not at work?

I love traveling and nature - another reason why I’m so passionate about WCSEE’s work to protect our environment and our natural systems.

Sales Manager Monica Rodrigues covers Thames, Southern and South West Water UK. 

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