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Conical settlement tanks also known as sedimentation or clarifier tanks are used in the primary and secondary (humus) stage of the wastewater treatment process.

The conical shape allows easy extraction of sludge that has settled to the bottom of the cone and the complete drainage can also allow the removal of chemicals used in the treatment process.  

The tanks come supplied complete with internal launders (optional), diffuser drum (stilling well), scum board and piping.  


  • Commercial sewage   
  • Water utilities and municipal wastewater  
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Product highlights

  • Can increase the retention volume by extending the sidewall height 

  • Easy to drain completely or to extract sludge and debris

  • 60-degree inverted cone design to encourage settlement of solid particles  

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  • Installed below ground up to 6-meter diameter  

  • Up to 6-meter diameter tanks can be installed above ground*  

  • Scum draw-off system option 

  • Can be manufactured to withstand very strong alkalis or acidic pH levels  

  • Constructed with corrosion-resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) 

  • Connection sizes and positions tailored to customer needs 

  • Designed to principles established in BS 4994 

  • The design can include for a lid or bridge

  • Peripheral handrails can be included also as an optional extra. 

* Above ground conical tanks can be installed above ground but only a maximum of 3m height can protrude out of ground 

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