Our culture is based on a set of five values – Trust, Care, Innovation, Pride and Integrity which shape the way our people think and how the company behaves and performs.

By living up to these values – reliably day after day, week after week and continually striving to improve, we believe these values are pivotal in guiding us in our approach to planning, executing, reporting and analysing performance and the robustness of the solutions we deliver.

Senior management are responsible for setting and the direction in which they lead the business. However, it is up to each and every employee to live and work by our values – which is what makes our people, our solutions and our customers’ operations safe and sustainable and the WCS Group difference.


To be recognised for the ‘highest standards’ and outstanding outcomes in water treatment, control and operating systems.


What our clients and partners can expect:

We create

We design, specify, recommend, build, maintain, audit and improve water treatment and control systems. We create better equipment life cycle management solutions. We create conditions for reduced energy and water use coupled with exacting hygiene and compliance.

We care

We put customers first. We listen carefully, understand their needs and explain how we can accommodate their stated KPIs and improve competitiveness predictably and reliably. We are dedicated to highest possible standards and outcomes, the wellbeing of our people, communities and the environment.

We can

We are highly innovative, dependable and reliable operational partners. Pushing operating efficiency boundaries and uncompromising about compliance, we aspire and want our customers to be predictably ‘best in class’. Chemistry, deep technical knowledge, proven knowhow and new technology is used to make measurable differences.


TrustWe work hard to earn and retain trust and respect. We also deliver on promises

CareWe care about what people think about us, our results and impact on their business

InnovationWe aspire to be better than anyone else at what we do, bringing new thinking, technology and solutions whenever and wherever possible

PrideWe are proud of what we do, who we work with and the effect we have on businesses, and the community

Absolute integrityFrom the speed of response, access to technical insights and utmost respect for people and business – these are hallmarks of what it is like to interact and work with us

Who we are:

We are WCS Group. A top-5 UK water treatment and hygiene specialist delivering ‘highest standards’ in water treatment, related engineering and control improvements for enhanced and exacting safety and compliance