New L8 training courses for Hospitality and Leisure Operators

By: Alex Winter on Aug 8, 2019

WCS Group, the leading water treatment, water hygiene and air hygiene company in the UK, has added additional training courses which are tailored for Hospitality and Leisure operators. The four additional courses are; Legionella Awareness (Leisure Operators), Practical Legionella Course (Asset Management), Swimming Pool and Spa Testing and Water Management, Pool and Plant for Leisure Operators.

The additional courses can be accessed direct on your own site.

Legionella Awareness Training Course

  • Non-technical
  • Essential information of Legionnaires’ Disease and how to manage risk in accordance with ACoP L8
  • Management of hot and cold water systems
  • Legionella in a Leisure setting

Practical Legionella Course (Asset Management)

  • For maintenance Managers and General Managers
  • Includes but not limited to temperature monitoring, TMV servicing, CWST management, calorifier management, expansion vessels, water softening, showerhead de-scale and chlorination in accordance with ACoP L8
  • Legionella in a Leisure setting

Swimming Pool and Spa Testing and Water Management

  • On-site
  • Knowledge refresher covering how to test pool water, pre-chlorine tests, pH tests, Langelier Saturation Index (water balance)
  • Practical information about chlorine, chlorinated isocyanurates, salt chlorination, ionisation, ozone generation, bromine-based disinfectants, UV disinfection

Pools and Plant

  • On-site course for Maintenance Managers
  • Knowledge refresher including backwashing, balance tanks, injectors, dosing controllers, filters, pumps as well as new water hygiene strategies and secondary disinfection

Download our comprehensive guide to all our Legionella awareness training courses and specific course options for healthcare and leisure operators.

Call Alex Winter to ask about dates on 0113 200 5215.

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Alex Winter

Written by Alex Winter

Alex is a Marketing Contributor and has 5+ years in water treatment and ACoP L8 compliance and works across all six linked areas of the business; Water Treatment, Waste Water, Water Hygiene, Air Hygiene, Engineering and Legionella Training.